Polyethilene Foam Rolls

The polyethylene foam or PE EPE foam, is a set of closed cells that contains air trapped inside and that provides cushioning, which serves to absorb vibration, compression and shock.

Its applications are very varied from protecting products and materials to providing cushioning to low carpets and mattresses. Due to its flexibility, impermeability and its damping capacity is an excellent choice for packing and packaging.

In the field of industrial and civil construction, over and underground, it can be used as a protective layer for waterproofing, terraces and foundations, as barriers against vapor, as impact noise insulation, as a vibration pickup layer and as a sealing compound joints, when installing the laminate flooring.

The advantages of this material against other materials used for thermal and acoustic insulation in the construction of residential and public buildings is primarily the fact that it is an environmentally friendly material and keeps its operating conditions stable (thermal and acoustic insulation, moisture resistance, hydrophobicity, elasticity) over a long period of time.

Due to its excellent thermal and acoustic properties, expanded polyethylene is widely used in the development of complex industrial products

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